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Welcome to CottageSmith!

This web site is born of my newly discovered passion for all things cottage-related...which is born directly of my newly discovered cottage.

Yes, last year we became the proud owners of a cottage of our very own.  With the price of recreational properties climbing as quickly as they were (and still are, I think) as the Baby Boomers approach retirement, I didn't expect to become a cottage owner any time soon, if ever.  But thanks to an offhand remark She made to a neighbour, who also happened to be a real estate agent, a series of events were set in motion which culminated in our very own 25-year mortgage (with most of the intervening events consisting of second-guessing ourselves and vacillating on the wisdom of the purchase).

We've been very pleased with the place so far (as are our friends and family, as far as we know), and have just survived our first winter without having the place collapse (although some frost-related heaving has opened a crack in the cinder block foundation as tall as me that I could stick my hand might still fall over).  There's so much that needs to be done to the place that I find myself spending countless hours researching all aspects of construction, renovation and improvement (not an unpleasant way to spend your free time, mind you), so I figured why not write it all down and let others benefit from my efforts?  And, with any luck, some of you will be able to point me in the right direction with the (oh, so many) projects I'll need to undertake in the future.

So, if you have any interest in carpentry, barbecuing, masonry,  fishing, drink-mixing, electrical systems, gardening, swimming, roofing, lying in a hammock, septic systems, decorating or just about anything that can be done in or around a cabin or cottage, we hope that you'll be able to benefit from this site or, better yet, contribute to the Discussion Forum.  And if you're as keen to share your research as I am, you might even consider becoming a Contributor to CottageSmith and writing an article or how-to of your own. Either way, we hope you'll find something to keep you coming back.

Glad to know you,


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