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Here you'll find general (fancy that!) information that doesn't fit comfortably into any of the other Cottage Smith categories, including ramblings about the evolving format and any new developments with the website and the discussion forum.

This includes any discussions about the software, resources or services that I use to produce Cottage Smith, as well as any media attention I might recieve, or any external promotion I might attempt ( could happen).

Opening Day

Well, I have to admit that I have not been all that prolific so far this cottaging season, but it has already proven to be a busy one.  We have hit the ground running this year, having already started stripping our badly peeling deck of its partial coating of (truly abhorrent) red paint .  We have also managed to re-establish contact with our AWOL septic engineer and hope to be efficiently bio-degrading before the end of the summer.  And this is all before the summer solstice.


Utility Futility

The thing about owning a piece of land of your own is that, where your land ends someone else's begins, and that often invisible boundary can be the cause of many a headache.  They say that good fences make for good neighbours, but if you build that fence without consulting your neighbour, or worse, build it even inches on the wrong side of that property line, you may have started a feud that will last for generations to come.


The Cottage First Aid Kit

There's no denying that most traditional cottages and cabins tend to be more located on more rugged terrain, and that the activities that take place there, whether of leisure or labour, are often somewhat risky by nature.  This, combined with a remote location or any significant distance from a population center, means that help can be a long time coming.


Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year, all.  I hope the holidays have treated you well.  I don't know too many people who actually feel more relaxed during the holidays than they normally do, but there's no denying a certain sense of relief when they're finally over.  Only at that point, I think, can you look back on the experience fondly.  That being said, in the face of the tragic experiences of those affected by the tsunami, it's hard to think of one's own situation as difficult, relatively speaking.  Start the year off right and dig deep, folks.


Welcome to CottageSmith!

This web site is born of my newly discovered passion for all things cottage-related...which is born directly of my newly discovered cottage.

Yes, last year we became the proud owners of a cottage of our very own.  With the price of recreational properties climbing as quickly as they were (and still are, I think) as the Baby Boomers approach retirement, I didn't expect to become a cottage owner any time soon, if ever.  But thanks to an offhand remark She made to a neighbour, who also happened to be a real estate agent, a series of events were set in motion which culminated in our very own 25-year mortgage (with most of the intervening events consisting of second-guessing ourselves and vacillating on the wisdom of the purchase).


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